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Simpson Desert Bike Challenge

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Tuesday, 25 September, 2018 - 06:00
Meeting Point: 

Purni Bore, South Australia

-26.284611, 136.099320

The Simpson Desert Bike Challenge

Entries are now open for the 32nd Australian Simpson Desert Bike Challenge. The Australian Outback, hosting the world's largest parallel sand dune system, provides a stunning backdrop for mountain bike stage racing.

The 2018 course will traverse the Simpson Desert from west to east, covering approximately 530 km over nine stages. The five-day event will start in South Australia on the September 25 and finish in Queensland on the September 29, 2018.

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3rd Rider wanted for 7hr at Glenrock

Hey all,

We're chasing a 3rd rider for the RockyTrail 7hr at Glenrock in a couple of weeks.

We'll be looking to go pretty quick and are looking for someone at a similar level, but also just there for fun and to have a good race. If you're keen to have a crack, let me know.

If we can't find anyone, we'll probably just stick with pairs and see how we go.


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Convict 100 2016 - It was as a late decision - but in the end a good one

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As much as I enjoy the Convict I was in 2 minds whether to enter this year. Since completing the Pioneer, and then wrongly deciding to race the Willo a couple of weeks later, I've not really been motivated to train or race. 9 days in UK/France over Easter, and 60 hours of travel in a short time frame, was hard on my body and I returned from that trip feeling very tired and jetlagged.

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The Pioneer - 7 days in New Zealand, a beautiful country that makes for a brutal test

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There were times that I actually thought I would be better off sat at my desk at work……luckily hindsight is a wonderful thing and I can now say that the time I spent in New Zealand’s South Island, racing the inaugural Pioneer stage race, with friends and newly made friends, in an amazing environment, and enjoying the hospitality and culture was full of unforgettable moments and enjoyment.

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My Kowalski 100

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Ok. So it wasn't my smartest decision. But it was my decision. To ride with a crappy chest infection whilst on all manner of "medicine", and completely against all medical advice. But such is the draw of the Kowalski.

My prep had been good, as was everyone else's on the team, but a family weekend away the weekend prior didn't see me finalising my training. What's worse is I returned with an URTI... Bugger. The best chance of riding well was to get as much rest as possible.

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Races for kids?

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Hey guys

Are their any clubs out there who run races for kids ?

I need to find some races for my 9yo to do. HE done the 20km race at the Husky100 at the weekend and was going really well in the lead group until the sign vandal got him seriously off course and had to wait for mum to catch up....

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Snowies MTB Festival

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Saturday, 21 February, 2015 (All day)
Meeting Point: 

Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa

1650 Alpine Way, Crackenback

The Snowies Mountain Bike Festival brings you some of the very best riding found anywhere in Australia. Based in the heart of Australia's iconic Snowy Mountains, riders will be challenged with 4 diverse stages that will test speed, endurance, stamina and technical skills.

Stage 1: The Time Trial (5.5km)
Stage 2: The Summit Smash (21.5km)
Stage 3: The Descender (24km)
Stage 4: The Marathon (75km)

Tackle all 4 stages as a solo or as a team of 2 or 3, OR choose to do the 75k marathon or 30k XC only in this 'not to be missed' Mountain Bike Experience.

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What is best first race to aim for?


New to the sport but rapidly becoming addicted to the point that, even though it's only very early days, I am keen to participate in an event in the foreseeable future.

My goal would only be to complete not compete, then working up distances over time.

I would welcome any advice or opinions on what events might be most suitable for a novice such as myself.


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Simple upgrades to make for a first time racer?

Hello everyone!
A few friends and I from high school (NHSPA) are going to enter the first XC race my school has ever seen. Being my first (and my peers) race, I was hoping if anyone know's any small but effective/budget friendly upgrades to make to a bike in order to make it more race applicable? I own a 2011 spesh hardrock with 80mm of travel and we will be racing for the intermediate class mid june at yellomundee.

If there is anything extra someone would like to add, maybe about race nutrition, preparation or tactics - please feel free to share!


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This year's Highland Fling: a true hardman's race? What was your take?

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Fling Morning

The reports are starting to trickle in, and today's race down in Bundanoon was one for the hardmen - and hard women - by the sound of it.

One of the biggest Marathons of the year, the Fling always draws a great field, who this year were joined on the start line by a world tour road pro - bet you are wondering how he went? Eye-wink Throw in a whole lot of wet and windy stuff and the recipe looks a treat for those who like to read of adversity, and of overcoming.

If you were down in Bundanoon today we'd love to hear how you went. Why not share in a blog entry linked to our 2013 Highland Fling page. Include your result to get it built into a local leader board and history in your profile.

All the stories are always appreciated by those of us who couldn't make it! Smiling

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