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Garmin Edge Circuit Tape

Just put a bit of tape over the wires to stop shorts and re-assemble the unit. Job done Smiling

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Test Edge Mod

Seems to work Smiling

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Garmin Edge 305 - Connectory replacement

Here I've soldered some wires on the circuit board where the spring loaded connector used to be. These are solid core wires from a cat5 cable BTW - slightly tricky.

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Garmin Edge Circuit Board - Connector removed

Here's the circuit board with that dodgy spring loaded connector thingo removed. Easy enough, just go at it with a sharp knife or a small screwdriver.

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Garmin Edge 305 Front/Back connector

This connector between the front and back of the Edge unit is the Achilles heel of the design. If the unit is shaken a lot (as it is on a bike) then these contacts can loose touch just for a split second. When this happens to the one carrying power - that's when your Edge turns off half way through a ride Sad

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