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Dirt Nights

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Wednesday, 26 August, 2015 - 18:30
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Ferrets Rugby League Clubhouse - End of Currie Rd Forestville

Forrestville Park

Social night open to mountain bike riders of all levels, talk bikes, learn mods/tricks and about local tracks. Show off your pride and joy (bring them into the clubhouse with you).

Feel free to come along just for the get together opportunity or incorporate a ride on the local trails nearby before a drink at the bar and a sausage sandwich, which are $4 each (Cash only).

Kids welcome but require adult supervision.

We had over 60 riders at our July meeting. Hope to see you there.

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Currie Road to Bantry Bay return (all the way)

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Bantry Bay
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Quick blast from Currie Road, down the Cook street fire trail to Bantry bay then return.

There's a loop at the end of the trail keep going down the VERY steep section... then turn around, climb, climb, climb... and head for home

Garmin didn't pick up GPS so will post ride map next time... but the loop is not the lap... you have to take the fire trial as far down as it will go...

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