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Singletrack Mind Series Round 1

Sunday, 12 April, 2015 - 08:00
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Wylde MTB Trail
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Wylde MTB Car park and Trail head is just off Elizabeth drive located next to the Sydney International (Cecil Park) Shooting Centre. The turn off can be found on the left 3km Due west from the M7 Motorway or on the right 600m Due East from Mamre Road.


The Singletrack Mind Series features three mountain bike endurance events of 7 and 4 hours duration. They will take you to three different locations in NSW, each one renowned for its flowing dingletrack and fun factor.

The newly built Wylde MTB Park is the most highly anticipated MTB facility in Sydney and located near the MTB course for the 2000 Olympics. We’re really stoked about kicking off the series here for 3 reasons: it’s a great track, we’ll be hosting the first major event for the track and it’s also part of the Evocities Series. Boom!

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One Hot Day

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Mixed Doubles.

I had originally planned to enter this event as my first solo event, and crack 100km with some breaks in between laps. But due to some other events (including the weather forecast) I entered the Tuesday beforehand with a friend from work.

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