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2013 BMORC Bash

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Sunday, 17 March, 2013 - 09:00
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The Oaks
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Glenbrook station carpark.

-33.769197, 150.622262 (Glenbrook Station Carpark)

Well - the 3rd running of the BMORC bash is on. Bring out your clunkers and lets RIDE! Get scabbing around the mountains in the council clean-up and get yourself a stunning rig for the Bash.

Remember - guidelines are:

1) Bike not to be worth more than $200 new or needs to be over ten years old.
2) No disc brakes.
3) You have to carry it out with you even if it is stuffed.
4) All stacks are your own fault for riding such a heap of S*&t
5) No clipless pedals (unless the bike came with them originally)
6) Must be prepared to have an embarrassing photo taken.

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Sidewall Repair #2

Repair #2 to a ruptured sidewall (below) after it started to bulge through tape applied to attempt #1. Remains of old tube tube wrapped around deflated tire and secured, then tire pumped to operating pressure. Seemed to work a treat too!

When Sidewalls Pop

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Sidewall Repair #1

Apologies for the dodgy focus... cr@ppy camera phone.

Anyhow, repair #1 to a ruptured sidewall (below) - some of the old tube tube folded double inside reinforced with gaffer tape.

When Sidewalls Pop

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When Sidewalls Pop

Brian's rear tire which I heard explode from a good way down the trail. Oops! Note this is tubeless but he had very skinny tubes inside.

Two attempts to repair:

Sidewall Repair #1 Sidewall Repair #2

Second one clearly the best as there's no attempt #3 Eye-wink

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Oh the Iron(y)

This was my third flat of the day (after Ando's took it's toll on my bike). Only after fixing the flat did we see the iron wheel embedded in the tree.

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Fixing Flatties on Andos

Nearing the bottom of Andos downhill, not the best place to have a front wheel flattie Smiling

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