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pertners for a ride....

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By dyego - Posted on 09 March 2007

Hi everyone!

I am visiting in Sydney for a while and I have been deprived of mountain biking for a few weeks. I realy want to make up for lost time.
Anyone for a ride on Saturday or Sunday (10-11/3) anywhere @ the north beaches???


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Well, there are a few rides posted here for Saturday. Just join in any that you want to go to.

I am not on a ride yet for Sunday, so I am open to suggestions. There are some of us here that are on the lookout for a Sunday ride also. Me? I will decide my Sunday plans later today. I am not one to be rushed! Laughing out loud


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As a suggestion, how about that Manly Dam ride for 5:00 p.m. then? I don't have much planned in the afternoon, so I will defer to you on that one. But we'll see what the thoughts are of the rest of the crew...

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