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Still wrestling the gorilla

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By Trev - Posted on 17 December 2010

17 Dec 10

Replaced the Mavic/ Nevegal combo for an XT/ Ignitor 2.1 tubeless combo. I was hoping for a good result but this was better than I thought.

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You dropped from a 2.35? Makes a big difference with weight and rolling! When are you going to time Perimeter/Long return again?

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... you'll fly Smiling

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Nice time, but... if you went from a Nevegal to Ignitor on the front watch out for when they let go! Eye-wink

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You're the man. Great time!
You must be training hard......keep it up!

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That's a good time and with an average speed of around 25km/h which is up there with the elites.

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I have been on the bike just about every day for the past 3 weeks and I think Mc Carrs creek rd on the road bike has helped a lot.
I have noticed the Ignitors are a lot less grippy than the Nevegals but heaps faster especially on the road/hardpack. The new combo is also about 1kg lighter (the bathroom scale test)
My computer tells me I had an average speed of 21km/h which is 1.6km/h faster than 2 week ago, not quite elite level, yet Smiling and I don't think I could keep that pace for much longer, maybe hit Perimeter/Long tomorrow if I can get a leave pass Eye-wink

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Forgive my rudeness. Sad Great time Trev. Smiling

Just read your first post again... 2.1 ignitors have that nice little ramp on the knobs that helps them roll well but the bag size is on the small side. The 2.35 is a lot better on the front. I've been very happy with my 2.35 ignitors / 2.0 Larsen tubeless combo. Am trying 2.25 nobby nic / 2.1 racing ralph at the moment for something different. Seem to be lighter and roll awesomely but haven't formed a view yet on how the NN compares for grip.

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let me know if u are after a 2.35Ignitor I have a brand newy going cheep !! It is in the classifieds section will even deliver that way too

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I had the wrong average speed as the challenge says its just over 14km when in fact its just over 11km.

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