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2s - not much in it

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By tate - Posted on 08 January 2011

8 Jan 11

set off and within 5min could feel id struggle the whole way, so much so that i didnt think i would do it. thought i paced myself ok, but by the end i had nothing. will try again now that i know the course a bit better.

thanks to everyone who gave way, and kept left!

my splits were:
14m06 to long trail turn
24m33 to lookout
34m19 to perimeter turn
48m39 finish

i set off after the lookout 15s ahead of blackflash, but came to the turn a minute and a half behind! i think i was freaked out about having a head on with all the people i overtook on the way out to the lookout so perhaps took it easier than i should have.

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Seriously good ride!!! i was out there again this morning doing a casual lap with mates - lots of traffic and a bit of slop - should've dried out by now. Saw a couple of ambo's heading that way too - hopefully not MTB related though. It's one of those tracks that keeps you pushing the entire way - and if you're not spent by the gate, you didnt ride fast enough up the 4 pinch.
Whats next for you to conquer?
Once again - Nice work! Especially in the humidity.

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I went out with Black Flash this morn and was going to try to take a few minutes off my best but it was really wet and boggy at 7am - couldn't improve my time so huge effort from you for a run like that

My splits were 15 to Long
27 to the look out but by then it was over as the long was a swamp at 7am
39 back to the Perim
and 57 something after I gave up

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I put the hammer down from the lookout back to the Perim Trail - i ride this every weekend and have found most of the fast lines and ways thru the blind corners. I was also trying to stay well infront of the 2 riders i screamed past so i wasnt surprised i got there in that time. But because of that little sprint to the corner the final leg wasnt quite as fast - hey call me unfit....

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where are the four pinches?

ill probably have another go at this one and duck holes to see if i can improve on them, but will probably start club racing at ourimbah and awaba soon.

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On the way back to the gate - about 2 km out. It's a small set of 4 pinches one after another. On their own they're not big, but one after another after 20km of pushing hard - it's a real case of "not again". Last week, they were particularly annoying, up the pinch, in the sand, up the pinch, in the sand, up the pinch.... Painful when my RRalphs were up to 40psi - traction issues....
As far as having another go - Im stoked to get under 50min. Duck holes in under 30 is on the cards, as well as an "official" under 30 for the Dam - but not after 5 laps like someone else did..... Eye-wink
Im of up to the Mid North Coast for work on Monday, so will take my bike to hit the brilliant single track in Taree with the locals. Well worth the trip if you like single track.

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