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Capital Punishment 2011

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By Logan - Posted on 17 January 2011

Saturday, 19 March, 2011 - 07:00
6 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Majura Pines
Ride Database Entry: 
Stromlo Forest Park
Meeting Point: 

Uriarra Road, just up from the Uriarra Road/Coppins Crossing Road turnoff.

-35.314211 149.027521 (Uriarra Road)

Capital Punishment in Canberra, another chance to tear your legs off.

100k or a Cheeky 50k...

Capital Punishment is a 50km and 100km mountain bike enduro.

The Capital Punishment course will take in the best of the Canberra single tracks including Kowen Forest, Majura Pines, Black Mountain and Mt Stromlo. These famous single tracks will be linked via fire trails with only the minimum necessary bitumen. Note that for the 2011 event, Sparrow Hill is unlikely to be included. We are hoping this area will be available again in 2012.

Who's in?
VTSS350, matho, Lach, linco, Supagav, alex89, jdb, woftt, Bikeboy, Bikes, kitrou1, Logan, ae93gti, daveh, Ed, ps, Discodan, Tommy (18 riders)
VTSS350 matho Lach linco Supagav alex89 jdb woftt Bikeboy Bikes kitrou1 Logan ae93gti daveh Ed ps Discodan Tommy
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
woftt Capital Punishment 50k Finished 03:05:58 521 50Km/Male/Masters 119
ae93gti Much fun! Finished 03:39:20 691 50Km/Male/Masters 152
Antsonline Capital Punshiment Finished 04:04:10 14 14
tate Starting to figure out these 100k'ers Finished 04:15:21 32 100Km/Male/Open 7
Supagav 29x18 does not = good flat course choice Finished 04:36:00 Single speed 5
Logan Sub 5 Hour 100k...depends which result you look at! Finished 04:43:07 104 100Km/Male/Open 41
jdb Need to hit the gas harder Finished 04:51:09 135 100Km/Male/Open 54
ps road testing 1 * 9 Finished 04:59:33 168 100Km/Male/Masters 35
Discodan fun, in a hurty kind of way Finished 05:17:27 241 100Km/Male/Open 114
daveh What mtb is all about Finished 06:22:41 539 100Km/Male/Open 276
Lach Shame about that hill.... Finished 06:38:44 595 100Km/Male/Masters 42

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Now a second set of route changes and the competitor briefing has been released.

Previously from AROC - "Brief description of the course changes for Capital Punishment - More Kowen singletrack, no big climb back into Kowen, small section of Sutton Rd, No GDE, trails/bikepaths through Kaleen and Bruce, small road section behind O'Connor, climb over Black Mtn saddle and no untimed section for 2011. Competitor briefing out soon".

GDE is Gungahlin Drive - the long uphill road slog (untimed).

Now for the weather....

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Today apparently, my friends that I am staying with have said its been pouring today....

I have taken off Friday off work and heading down earlyish to avoid the traffic.

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A bit of showers, drizzle Thu/Fri/Sat. Apparently it has been a lot like that for a couple weeks, with not much rain to speak of. In fact the BOM are saying no rain in Canberra today since 0900, so not sure where your friends are?

Fingers crossed anyway. After the track carnage last time, I'm not sure CORC or the Mont folks will be too keen about letting the race onto their new Kowen single track if its going to get ripped to pieces.

And I'm not keen on trashing the Niner either....

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any reports on C P ? how how did everyone fare

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This was the polar opposite of last years race , only a few damp spots .
For my first 100 I was happy with just over 7 hours
The best part was Kowen forest with sweet trails and mostly down hill , Majura was tough but fun and Stromlo was just a punish ...
Will I be back next year ? ... Hell yeah ....
Once my body recovered it was cool to have the presentation and a drink after a shower too

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The weather held off and the track was dry. Course have some great singletrack in it and was really good overall.
Saw Logan at the finish and I think he was about 15 minutes ahead of me, Supergav was just off the podium and finished with a flat tyre. Looks like V got second although lost a lot of time with a rear wheel problem and finished behind me. Discodan got in after me and along with Tommy both finished their first 100k races.


for the results. All the times are for the 90k of timed course.

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This was an event I had never done and had wanted to do (with the exception of last years mudfest).

Sadly however the organisation was poor (trying to get into registration was a farce) and the course was dull and tedious. Majura Pines which is now high on my list of places to re-visit and ride properly was too early on in the event, and the sweet fresh single track just became a bottleneck for riders leading to a tediously slow crawl through the forest including over a two minute wait at one obstacle.

The untimed 9km section on roads and cycle paths followed Majura Pines. This really set the tone for the majority of the event which just felt like the organisers had chosen two trails that they wanted to show and forgotten they were 20Km apart, separated by a city. I spent quite a time really envying the guy I saw on the Cycle cross bike until we reached Stomlo...

I don't think I have ever ridden (even on my road bike) a more tedious, dreary and monotonous track as the uphill section at Stromlo. It seemed to go on for ever, with switchback after tedious switchback. By this time the fine, derailleur choking bulldust of the first ten KM had been dampened by an hour of so drizzle causing the polished rocks of Stromlo to loose all friction. These slippery rocks combined with weary bodies conspired to make going extremely slow until we finally after many false hopes reached the summit.

Maybe I am a closet downhiller but the section of track down Stromlo was poetry after the dismal, depressing grind up it. I flew down the hill almost forgiving the pain and tedium of the previous forty minutes climbing the hill in my euphoria as I hit the beamed turns at speed heading towards the welcome sound of the PA system at the finish, where I belted the hell out of my bike for the last 500m of tarmac to the finish.

Whilst times were quick over the course, there were just too many people on sections making any attempt to overtake pointless. It felt like the organisers had succumbed to the pressures of making money over the quality of the event, so next year neither my wife or I will come down hopefully relieving pressure on the course (if only a little bit).

PS. To the chap who we helped stretcher out of the Single Track at Stromlo - I hope your hip wasn't badly injured and you are back on your feet - get well soon.

Scottboy's picture Stomlo or on a xc bike too be so angry about the race , you have too go uphill too get the best part out of a mountain , if you are angry with the crowd you should have started upfront , you will get this at most xc races until the pack spreads out & didn't you see a map of the course ? you don't just ride around a corner & the next mountain is just up the rd with more single track ..

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But it certainly wasn't the same one you did Ben , but for me I would be hard pressed to find a better course to run a hundred k race in Canberra !
How good was Kowen forest ? Can understand the frustration but it seems that most people jumped up into the first two start waves because there was bugger all left once the second one left . Majura was fantastic , Stromlo was hard but good ! Did you not enjoy Double dissolution ?
I will be back for sure next year

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Ben I think you are being unrealistic, this is a point to point race, unfortunatly there will be times when you have to ride on terrain that isnt singletrack to get to the next section, I wouldnt call the uphill at Stromlo tedious, I found it challenging as the switchbacks were quite rocky so you were forced to ensure you had decent traction and your bike handling skills were up to scratch. I found the climb mentally and physically tough as I was racing and trying to catch people in the my climb to the top.

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and I just loved the uphill at Stomlo - the challenge and the grind was painfull but pleasing. I also crashed on the same corner as the guy that did his hip. But for me this event was a cracker!!!

It's an event with sniggle and you are going to have to some bottlenecks, it is unavoidable. You just need to have that expectation and try to make up time where you lost it or get in an earlier start time.

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Please people, if you have somethig to write about your experiences in races, blog about it (in this case with this link).

Doing this allows you to link in your result in the table above and keeps discussion on various issues of the day separate.

Thanks Smiling

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Ben, I actually enjoyed the climb. Long fire trail grinds kind of suck but technical switchbacks with rocks and roots are a big part of what XC is about. You also know that the rewards are gonna come sooner or later with the downhill sections! Don't worry Rob, blog posted -

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