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By craked - Posted on 02 April 2011

2 Apr 11

I wasn't planning on having a shot at a hot lap as I felt a bit average when I got up early, was going to do a few steady continuos laps ,but felt good after 2 laps of the MTB GP loop so thought I'd have a go at the
"hot lap" loop, happy with my time, so did 1more lap after that, and managed to stay away from that"sick feeling " I got last time.
so all good Smiling

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Well done Craked. That's only 38 seconds slower than Craig Gordon's fastest lap last weekend and you have smashed Josh Carlson & Troy Glennan's fastest! Oh, and you could have stood in the queue, purchased a coffee then drank it before my fastest lap came into contention ...

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my "hot lap" was done on the original hot lap loop not the rocky trail GP loop which is longer and includes that tight section through the bush, I did my warm up on that loop but not my Hot lap!

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Ah! Oh well great time anyway. I took the tight section I think you mean when I did my laps. It is the one where you keep left up that plastic grippy stuff on the pinch climb rather than going right?

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yeah that's the section,going right is more fun and flows better ,oh and is faster too Eye-wink

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But I like that upper section , very tight and a couple of steep spots too

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Hey Craig

You must have this place wired - I know you love that tight single track.

Went out there for the first time today - track was a bit greasy - but I can only manage mid to high 22 mins on my laps.

21 mins is a super time.


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still good times Dicko, I usually Lap around the low 23 mins when I am being consistant ,also it's a fine line between slipery and tacky out there !
sorry I couldn't join you out there on sunday but I had a great ride at Orange on Monday Smiling

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