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Confused... Can anyone help?

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By andyfev - Posted on 20 April 2011

20 Apr 11

I'm well confused. I started and finished the clock at the official start/stop post Mount Annan's map but my iPhone only logged 5km. I went through both the green and blue sections even hit up the blue section that climbs up the hill where if forks (left climbs and right drops down, I figured left would be more accurate?). How am I missing another 1.8km? Can't figure out where it is. I even rode up the small climb (around the tree and post and back down again) before entering into the green section again.

Is anyone understanding this gibberish and if so can you fill me in on the other 1.8km? Or is my iPhone crap?

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Or is my iPhone crap?



Nah... GPSes are good in a straight line, not so good in the wiggles. They are not so good in trees either. Add to that your phone GPS is a compromise and probably not as accurate as a dedicated unit and seems plausible that it would loose some accuracy in the wiggles that make up a good deal of the distance.

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My garmin was reporting 5.89km for the green and blue loop, whilst a mates garmin with speed sensor was reporting around 6.4km.

Get similar results at Appin, with mine reporting 9km and his saying 9.8km.

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Even the Garmin struggles? Wow, I’ve got one of those little beauties wrapped in nice birthday paper courtesy of my lovely wife. After much persuasion she had even agreed to let me use it for the opener of the choc foot SRAM series last weekend... how disappointed was I when the heavens opened up Sad

Glad to hear that I'm

a) Not completely blind missing a whole section, and
b) Not so pathetically slow that my hot lap time was actually nearly 2km's short! (This was lap number 3 of 3 though)

To answer my other questions, which are deemed correct?

1.) Taking the left or right option on the blue track
2.) Does everyone else climb up and around that tree/bush area after the blue ends and meets the green?

I need some help to bring my time down so I'm hoping the answers are 1.) Right and 2.) No

And one more thing, my seat came loose and I had to bail to tighten my front wheel before I face planted the dirt Smiling

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The two fastest hot laps are from people that have done a lot of laps there.

Right is quicker, I didn't bother going up and around the tree between the loops.

I don't remember what the accuracy of gps is but after a session on my stationary trainer, my garmin usually reports I've moved 600m. I wouldn't ride without my garmin now, regret not taking it to Canada last year.

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Here is my profile from sunday. Maybe Craig or Wayne can say which lap is correct? I have a speed sensor fitted.

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Cheers for the ride map, it's exactly as mine is on Endomondo (dunno how to import it to this forum though). Looks like you took a mix bag at the blue run going both the left and right options on different laps (I took the right option on my first lap). Looks like you didn't track back up the hill and around the tree/bush where blue meets up with green again. Think this is going to be the consensus on this one.

One more point, how on earth did you reach 47.6km/h! That's insane, my top speed was a mere 23.8km/h (though reliant on the GPS recording).

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I took the left fork on the blue section when I did my hot lap. Found later Cracked took right which is easier so will have to have a go at that.

The other bit I think you are talking about is about 2/3 of the way around where you come up a short climb to a fire road where you can go straight across or do an extra 200m or so by turning right, climbing around the trees then sharp left at the post and downhill. That's the way I go.

Another way to improve your lap time is to pedal faster Smiling

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The max speed when mtb for the Garmin 500 is always out. Check out this max speed

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Ha ha, my face would fall off at that speed Smiling

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Right on the money, that's the gibberish I was talking about! I was kinda hoping most people took the right option at the blue intersection and just nipped over the fire trail cos' those extra parts hurt and probably cost me a good 2 minutes.

As for pedalling faster the bike just won't go any quicker with me on it... think I'm the problem Smiling

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Slightly off topic, but that's a great profile Brian, I've added it to the profiles: Womerah Range, Great Northern Road & Western Commission Smiling

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Here is a shorter version which is also good to do

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