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On the 29er HT

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By Brian - Posted on 11 June 2011

11 Jun 11

On the 29er HT Smiling.

Lap 2

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That is the normal loop not the one craig Gordon was punching out 21min laps on , the race loop is a bit longer & adds that little bit extra leg work

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good time Brian ,I reckon you'd punch out a quicker time on your 26er around there with the sudden acceleration needed out of all that tight stuff! Maybe. How's the track condition ? Smiley ,the "hot lap " loop is established as the original loop not the rocky trail extended loop which you refer to.

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What are these different loops as I noticed the challenge is 6.8km and mine only came in at 5.9km. I have the wheel sensor so it should be accurate although I do need to check the wheel diameter it is set to Smiling

I did it in 00:23:25 on the cannondale but that lap showed 6.8 so I'll have to see what the difference is. I think it might be that bit where you are amongst the trees and can go left or right. Going left add a little bit and joins back to where you go if you had gone right. It be good if they had names to make it easier to refer to Eye-wink

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Brian, for the Rocky trail race they added some bits of fire road at each end which added about 1km of fast stuff to the normal loop.The 6.8 km distance came out of my trip computer which may not be to accurate allthough it is def longer than 6 km,the two options you speek of (left uphill or right downhill)are about the same in distance but the uphill option (left)is techy and slower. For the hot lap I took the faster right option
when I did the first hot lap there but I think others have used the techy left option for their hot lap probably resulting in a slower time!

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