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Capital Punishment 2012

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By Brian - Posted on 25 November 2011

Note that this ride is Cancelled.
Saturday, 17 March, 2012 (All day)
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Kowen Forest
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Majura Pines
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Stromlo Forest Park
Meeting Point: 

Uriarra Road, just up from the Uriarra Road/Coppins Crossing Road turnoff.

-35.314211 149.027521 (Uriarra Road)

Round 1 of 2012 XCM Series

Capital Punishment in Canberra, another chance to tear your legs off.

Capital Punishment is a 50km and 100km mountain bike enduro.

This event has a huge amount of fantastic single track, is well marked and groomed and makes for a super fun and thrilling ride.

The 2012 course will be substantially the same as the 2011 course.

The 100km course will start at Kowen Forest on the Kings Highway side near Sparrow Hill. After experiencing the excellent but little known Kowen Forest tracks you then head through private land (you cannot access this at any other time other than during the event) and to the famous Majura Pines for a whole lot of "whoops" and excited hollers before heading to Black Mountain, past the Cork Plantation and into the world class Mt Stromlo tracks.

The 50km course will join the course at Campbell Park Offices, Northcott Drive, Ainslie and head into the Majura Pines.

NOTE: You may only ride a mountain bike along formed fire roads within the Nature Parks of Canberra. Walking tracks or any other narrow tracks may not be ridden unless they are also signposted as cycling trails.

**** Event Postponed. Click here for details ****

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Brian's picture

9 weeks to go for my first enduro of 2012. Booked the accommodation today, getting in plenty of kms, (well, more then normal).

Can't wait Smiling

Logan's picture

I am at the Crowne Plaza, been doing heaps of racing so yeah really looking forward to this and the Willo the week before as well.

Brian's picture

I'm at the plaza as well.

AdrianG's picture

... 100k race! Longest previous race was 50, at Coffs. Should I be nervous? Smiling it seems to be one of the easier 100k races. 2010 seemed to be an interesting one (!) but last year's looked a hoot. Anyone done this before? Your times?

Any tips guys? Does one need a duallie? Judging by the videos a hard tail - with comfortable saddle! - is a realistic option. And do you have suggestions for rides that'll be good preparation for the event? (Mostly flat, rolling terrain, it seems.)

Some of the rides scheduled are;
- Oaks starting at Glenbrook, then Anderson's to Wentworth Falls. (More difficult than the CP?)
- Same as above, but then the same route back to Glenbrook. (When the fitness is up!)
- Heathcote Pipeline with Heathcote Loop.
- The Great Northern Road.

I consider a ride 'done' when there's been no walking. Hmmmm ... Smiling

Good luck with your preparation; look forward to seeing you out there.

Cheers, Adrian.

Brian's picture

I haven't done the CP before but will be doing it on my 29er HT. I've done a couple of 100k races on it with no issues.

AdrianG's picture

I just had a look at the specs ... Yup; should set you up okay! I thought a Stumpjumper was a lot beefier than this. What does it weigh?

Brian's picture

I'm not sure what your comment means? Are you asking what my 29er weighs? If so, 10kg.

daveh's picture

I rode standing up for half the race last year but besides the crappy time, I actually enjoyed the race. The point to point is a bit different and the road ride in the middle is a little sucky although I was with a pretty cool group and we chatted about bikes for 9 kms which is never too bad. I appreciate that it is necessary to combine such awesome trails as these really are fantastic places to ride and it becomes a little tasting plate of Canberra. Stromlo at the end was fantastic, what a great facility.

You don't need a dually as it's not really that technical but my body appreciates it later in the race. If I had a decent race hardtail instead of my decent race dually I'd happily be on that.

Preparation? Kind of depends on whether you're competing (even against yourself) or just finishing but basically get out there and ride, ride, ride. Long mtbs rides are great but even just long rides on the roadie to build up time in the saddle. One thing I couldn't impress upon anyone enough is to get their nutrition and hydration sorted. Know what you're going to eat, when, how much and ensure that you can stomach it after several hours of riding then make sure you stick to your plan. Within reason, that's the single biggest difference between a good race and a bad race for me, more than a few hundreds kms extra training.

Logan's picture

I will be on Yeti Full Sus but will have the rear shock on the firmer side of things and run lock out, unless I can get a 29er in time for the race, which at the moment I doubt.

I will be aiming for sub 4h30mins this time round, I am in Elite Mens and in the 0-10% cat for the start.

Discodan's picture

Last years CP was my first 100km and I think it's a good way to start as it's not technical, pretty fast and only has one hill in the middle. The previous year's 50km (the muddy one) was my first ever MTB race which quite an intro to the sport (the funny thing is that I thought that's just what MTB races are meant to be like so I had a great time and did pretty well). The non-timed section in the middle also gives you a good break before the final push to the line. I did it on a race hardtail and it was great from an efficiency point of view but my back really took a pounding

Last year's 100km time was 5:17 so I'm shooting for sub-5 this time around as I'm not really any fitter or better prepared

Logan's picture

The time for the break, I will be this year, I think from memory it only took 30mins to ride across town, so you can use the last 15mins to get Gels in you, hydrate etc.

Lach's picture

@Discodan - I think Stromlo was a bit closer to the end. And feels like a bit more than a hill.... Smiling

Be interested to see if they can use a slightly more imaginative route between the Arboretum and Stromlo this year also.

Discodan's picture

I wasn't counting Stromlo as a hill, it's more of an inclined trail. Both years it hasn't really been a killer, I think because a lot of people are just crawling up it in survival mode rather than attacking it.

Agree on the run into Stromlo, let's see what they come up with this year. The more frustrating bit for me was the new single track after you've come down Stromlo which forced everyone into a congo line, there were lots of shagged riders by that point and the whole thing slowed right down and wasn't fun. I'd rather there was a chance to really smash yourself to the line and use whatever reserves you have left

Lach's picture

It is about 7 km from memory (although maybe that's from the usual transition area on the crit track), in an almost continuous upwardly direction, to the top of a geographical feature called MOUNT Stromlo. Calling it a hill is understating it. Calling it an "inclined trail" is just showing off Smiling

By the time I got to the sniggle at the back of Stromlo last year, there were no conga lines and I was knackered, so I didn't enjoy it either. Looking forward to a more direct descent in the 50 this year.

And isn't there a "hill" or two along the Majura Ridge section before the Majura forest sniggle? I seem to recall being reduced to walking up at least one of those...

Discodan's picture

Don't get me wrong, Stromlo's definitely big but my experience has been that by then everyone's shot and the granny gear gets some action so it's a slow but manageable crawl up the side of the mountain, the pace usually being dictated by the guy in front so you're not pushing yourself to the point of blowing up.

The killer for me was Hacket Hill at 47km where they have the KOM, from the profile above it looks like about 150m rise and I certainly had to get off at one point when I just couldn't be arsed pushing my crappy 1 x 9 gearing (this year I've ordered a 34 tooth front sprocket and I will damn well nail that c*cksucker of a hill). I can't even remember what was the one at 67km, black mountain maybe?

I don't recall Majura particularly well, I assume that's the lumps and bumps in the 10-25km range. A few steep pinches but not sustained torture

AdrianG's picture

LOL! Showing my ignorance here. Googled '29ER HT' and got a link to S-Works Stumpjumper HT 29er; Smiling

Brian's picture

Too funny. I was going to say I'll be riding my Agogo but thought you would respond saying "whats that" Smiling

Lach's picture

I think we are talking about the same hill.

Black Mtn (shoulder) was the other climb, but we all got to have a nice break on the way up at the end of transition, so it didn't seem so bad!

Even with only about 35 km in the legs at the bottom of Stromlo this year, I think granny gear will still get a workout, but hopefully I'll have a bit left to enjoy the downhill finish.

Brian's picture

Sold out.

7 weeks to go Smiling

Discodan's picture

Crap, I better start getting some km's in then. It seems all my riding these days (mostly commuting) is training me to be a sprinter and short hill climber and I've lost the ability to do longer rides. Might have to find a long way to the city from Manly

Brian's picture

Go via Akuna Bay and that will add some distance Eye-wink

Discodan's picture

It certainly would, I just couldn't stand leaving the house at 5am. I'm not that committed, I just like to think I am

daveh's picture

I start between 5:00 AM and 5:15 AM from Allambie Heights most mornings. Usually don't get as far as Akuna but sometimes head up to Newport way, turn around and head for the city. Either that or take the long way around Balgowlah Heights and enjoy some hills through Mosman. Would welcome the company for all or part of the ride if anyone is ever keen!

kitrou1's picture

Sorry all - I know this should probably go in the wanted/classifieds but it relates to this race. I've got a ticket already but a mate is looking for a 50K entry. If you know of anyone who can't make it for any reasons could you PM me?


BIGnige's picture

Wasn't going to do this ride because of woeful fatness...but having ridden everyday for the last 7 weeks and having given up alcohol too I think I might have a go. Anyone got a spare ticket I could buy?

Logan's picture

Very strong elite field, all the usual suspects in that list.

Lach's picture

Anyone heard any reports on current track conditions in the 'bra? With the Molongolo River in flood again it seems, the section from Black Mtn to Stromlo might be awkward again. I was hoping that they might find a better way through this year....

Logan's picture

CP has been postponed, apparently looking at a date in late April.

Brian's picture

They say late April. Being part of the Real Insurance XCM series the Wombat 100 in on the 22/04, the Convict 100 is on the 05/05 leaving just the 28/04. This would mean three 100km enduros in three weeks for the one series. Doesn't sound good to me at all.

Logan's picture

But a lot of people wont be doing the Wombat, infact I dont even have a Convict 100 ticket yet....

Brian's picture

Regardless if people do the Wombat 100 or not. I'm just thinking along the lines of it being part of the Real Insurance XCM Series.

daveh's picture

It can't be looking good for The Mont a week later then.....

Antsonline's picture

Three in short succession is hard, but if you train, think of all the bludgers who are only good for one race that you can smash!

I'm a bit disappointed, as I love a race, but given the weather, its the right call. I gives me a bit more time to train as well - convert the XC legs to marathon legs. Some serious long intervals and tempo sessions to be done.

This is probably the ideal time to suggest this to you all:

It will get you smoking fast. I am running all the sessions - some of them will have your eyes watering. All of them will improve your pedalling ability beyond recognition.

daveh's picture

I also like CP so really hope that it still fits into my calendar but speaking to people who raced in 2010 it didn't sound like much fun so cancelling appears to be the correct decision.

Signed up to Jet Cycling on ning, ps emailed it across. Waiting for further details before I decide if I'm up to joining the training group and then if I want to put myself through that sort of pain!

Lach's picture

to 28 April. Back to back leave passes required for those also doing the Convict 100/50 at St Albans the following weekend.

Brian's picture

New meeting posted

Logan's picture

Need to check the NSW Road Race Open Calender for clashes.....

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