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By andyfev - Posted on 11 January 2012

11 Jan 12

Hit Awaba for a hot lap after work and had a shocker. I had a huge over the bars just at the very first section so dusted myself off and walked back to the trail entry to try again. It knocked by confidence though as I was some 5km/h slower than my quickest recorded speed and had shockingly bad technique (taking too much speed into corners and braking hard whilst in the corners threw me off the bike again at around the 6km mark).

Lost the mental battle on this one and really need to focus on my technique more

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Sounds like one of those days when you're just not in the groove ... we all have those occasionally. Better to pull back slightly and ease your way in. Technique before speed, as you say...

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Wise words Hawkeye I'll be sure to remember and act on them next time I'm out of sorts. My elbow is now infected as it didn't take too kindly from the 7inch gravel graze I gave it... Must remember to use the elbow and knee pads my wife bought me for xmas... think I might get some good value for money Eye-wink

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Yeah, but then you won't fall off and the investment will be wasted Eye-wink

I'm good with the words, eh - maybe I should follow my own advice and I wouldn't do stupid things like take myself out for three months with a broken collarbone. Puzzled

Give the elbow a real good scrub with the brush and strong disinfectant, you don't want a dirt tattoo. I got a few too many of those on me shins from bloody Manly Dam rocks jumping up from behind the front wheel and biting me Sad

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Good and bad things come from wearing pads.

I was wearing my pads last week (thanks Rob Smiling ) and they gave me extra confidence to go faster and take more agressive lines. This worked fine until I got a bit big for my boots and ended up going OTB.

I didn't get any cuts though!

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@Hawkeye... I dread every shower Eye-wink

@Pete B.... So the pads worked then! I've had far too many crashes at late due to getting fitter but not better at technique and for me with fitness comes speed which = crashes and weeks of discomfort Eye-wink

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