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I hate "the Four Gates"

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By pikey - Posted on 16 March 2008

16 Mar 08
Cascades - Four Gates

I started at the T intersection at the top of heath Track, then up to the Quarry track gate then up to the Acron Oval gate then up to the Davidson gate ending back at the Heath Track T intersection! My short term memory problems prohibits me from posting split times.

1 Hour 9 mins 23 sec. I not only burst both my lungs I think I burst something else as well.

I don't think I could safely descend any quicker than I did so unfortunately the hill climbing is the only place I can improve. Next time Eye-wink


(PS- I know that Tien has done the four gates in around 1hr 5mins I think he's to shy to post his time)

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Hey Pikey... you're meant to start/finish at the gate on Ralston Ave. Reckon you should get a 5 minute penalty! Sticking out tongue

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.... wouldn't it?

I can see this becoming a 24hour Solo Event

The NoBMoB Four Gates Enduro

Bring it on.

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