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12:20 27:52 38:57 - Cruising the 4 gates

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By Rob - Posted on 19 March 2008

19 Mar 08
Cascades - Four Gates

Laps 1-4 here... note the second half of this training ride was the same again, just doing Quarry on the way back - sorry for the confusion.

Reckon even I can get this under the hour, might have gone harder if the plan wasn't to meet the rest of the guys and do it all again. No, honest! Eye-wink

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Gee, bloody rub it in Rob why don't you... it was bad enough having Pikey beat my time.

I must say though, i did 15.93km - not the required 15.4.. its only 500 m but hey.

And i did it in reverse.
And it was on my new bike.
And my knee blew out.

Enough excuses? Oh well!


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Sorry Sad

Don't worry - wait 'til Junkie and co see this, then we'll all begin to feel pretty bad!

I defo start/finish at the gate on Ralston, maybe you weren't taking the 'racing line' down the hills? Eye-wink

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Cascades 4 Gates.

The T intersection at the top of Heath Track is a fair turn point if you are not starting or leaving from Ralston.
If the need arises then add the 500 meters to my time Smiling what 2 mins?
As my time indicates a suicidal downhill attitude can make up for a slow climb.


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If you went to the T intesection then I thought this was actually further. Isn't it the gate that is about 1 minute 45 seconds into Rob's profile. I didn't think it was the gate at the road.

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The four gates to be just that.

That way no confussion.

(that makes my present time even better)

Rob, Is there any way that AR Junkie can be stopped from posting his time come the day he rides it? Eye-wink


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