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Heath Track Gate

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By Rob - Posted on 01 May 2008

This work has taken place very recently. Large boulders placed either side of the gate to stop MX riders. One hopes they take the hint and don't try and push through the bushes to the left.

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is this track on the google list?...looks like great country to ride in?

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Heath track is great going down...

Hell coming back up!


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Cascades... you know, part of Garigal National Park:

Great for hill training. Smiling

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i went the 4 gates 2day and i noticed someone with a digger has moved this sandstone slab, it leaves it easier for us, horses, motor bikes, on the way back 2 davo i met a 2 stroke coming up the hill it was very close what now ?.

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Yeah - they had complaints from horse riders so had to move the block to let them in. Which also lets the MX riders in. So in the end these blocks have been a complete waste of time.

It all goes to show that the only real way to keep people from going where they shouldn't be is to educate them why they are not meant to be there and give them somewhere legal to do their thing.

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