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WSMTB 4hr @ Wylde trail recce

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By hawkeye - Posted on 13 February 2015

Sunday, 15 February, 2015 - 08:00
3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Wylde MTB Trail
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Wylde MTB Car park and Trail head is just off Elizabeth drive located next to the Sydney International (Cecil Park) Shooting Centre. The turn off can be found on the left 3km Due west from the M7 Motorway or on the right 600m Due East from Mamre Road.


Looking to familiarise myself with the circuit for next weekend's race, and get in a bit of training.

First lap will be at a moderate pace to see where everything is and maybe session anything tricky that we find, followed by a couple of hours of chasing each other round and round Eye-wink

While I'm way off what I like to think of as my usual pace (which hasn't been so usual of late) this won't be such a social ride, I'll be looking to keep the speed up ... as much as I can. Hopefully that means some of you're going to be a bit (but not too much) faster than me and I'll be pushed to keep up.

If this style of riding interests you, click the link below to say "I'm in". Smiling

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hawkeye, xmas
hawkeye xmas
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Perfect trail conditions today out there

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Second half of the circuit was super slick first thing this morning. When we arrived at 8 riders were coming off caked in mud.

The consensus was the first 6km was fine, but the second half was very damp and sketchy in places, but was drying out. We elected to go out and play it by ear.

The first half was a hoot. The second half was mostly OK with a few wet corners, much better than the description.

The problem is the mud is super sticky and just completely clogs your tyres and *won't* fling off. Even trying to get it off with the pressure hose at the bike wash was a serious challenge. You only need to go through a couple of patches of it and you have no grip for the rest of the lap.

This caused a few "moments" with the rear stepping out on the berms and the front slipping around on some of the rock techy features but the trail seemed to be improving quickly. So we cleaned our tyres and went out again.

Lap 2 was much better, grip was dramatically improved except for two greasy corners.

Lap 3 my tyres were mostly clean when I got to the carpark. Lap 4 if I'd done it would have been hero dirt conditions.

The best thing about this place is the flow. If you choose the right line you hardly have to use your brakes.

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Wait until its dry and dusty, that's a whole new game.

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It's a first time I've heard anyone say that Wylie flows I been there once and won't be back for a while as its 2 hrs sth for me I'd rather spend that traveling time going to Taree

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