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Shimano MTB Grand Prix Round 2 - Singleton

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By trailburner - Posted on 21 March 2016

Saturday, 9 April, 2016 - 09:00
7 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Singleton MTB track
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Maison dieu Rd. Just near the 100kph sign on the right, climb the steps over the fence for the trail head.


After the rocky trails in Glenrock with ocean views, Round 2 of the Shimano MTB GP will take you to the next brand-new series venue in Singleton!

Our race director Martin scouted out the trails for you at a local club race and was hooked instantly! He says they will complement our series tracks with open paddocks and singletrails galore! It's a very fast and flowy track and will challenge your endurance skills.

HMBA is our hosting club and we are very happy with our ongoing partnership.

Who's in?
hawkeye, trailburner, Fatboy, twotommos, ahein, sikllama, Pyrate (7 riders)
hawkeye trailburner Fatboy twotommos ahein sikllama Pyrate
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
ahein Round and round we go where we stop only 7 hours knows Finished 15 07:13:20 27 5
sikllama Shut the gate on your way out Finished 15 07:15:00 27 5
hawkeye Perfect Conditions Finished 15 07:15:00 27 5
twotommos Singlespeed in Singleton on Singletrack Finished 9 04:29:57 49 1
Pyrate First Lap Based Event - not racing for sheep stations!! Finished 6 03:37:50 95 26

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Isn't this event on 9 April not 4 September?

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Suspect the month/day has been transposed i.e. 4/9 instead of 9/4. I blame the yanks.

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Anyone ridden this track? What does it compare with from the last two years of Shimano GP racing or other well known tacks around the traps?


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Thanks to whoever fixed the date up. It's on April 9.

Track is fast, flowy, relatively flat and pretty open which will make overtaking easy.

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I'll be bringing the gazebo again for those who want shade during the race... BYO chair Smiling

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... I won't be back in town in time for this one. More my sort of track too.....

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...but here is a vid from Aaron showing what the trail is like.

Not sure if it's the camera's wide angle field of view, but it doesn't look like there are too many tight turns, and the most technical features seem to be the cattle/sheep grid "rollover gates" to let riders through the fences.

While not as brutal as Glenrock with its steep climbs, I don't think it's going to be all that much easier for being a relatively flat track. Like the Back Yamma Bigfoot I reckon we'll be in individual time trial mode - on the gas for pretty much the whole lap.

Anyone who's been there care to share some insights?

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... But still pretty pedally. More about holding speed through corners and up slight inclines. Hope someone has cut the grass back on the track edges for you, it was like riding blind in a few places when I was there.

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First time there. Not technical at all and from what I can see the video is of the one and only loop there, so would presume that it's the same one.

It is fast and flat. Some corners were a little sketchy if you come in too hot, which can be easy to do, as any loose stuff on the surface makes it slippery.

The only other thing is that I found a few places where wide bars were tight, though only clipped a tree once.

Plenty of places to over take as well.

Apart from that I really enjoyed it.

And the grass has been cut back

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I'll also bring my cabana things again Rob. Are you guys driving up on the day or staying?

twotommos's picture

Anyone know the metres gained in altitude over the 10km circuit?

sikllama's picture

Planning a 0730 arrival see you up there. Forecast looking ok with a chance of showers and a top of 27.

Pyrate's picture

Look like 130 odd metres per lap, which is actually closer to 9kms

hawkeye's picture

So I won't need that motor in the bottom bracket after all Smiling

Fatboy's picture

That's old technology @hawkeye. We're all using electromagnetic wheels.

twotommos's picture

Thanks guys....looking forward to it!

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So, I'm in for the 4hr solo.

See you gents there.

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Cloud cover stayed all day and forecast 29 degrees never arrived.

Well done to everyone who raced. It was quite a pedally course and the promised dusty and loose conditions were accurately predicted.

Nevertheless, I thought the course was really good fun and something different from the usual. I finally started getting my cornering happening properly by lap 5 (I'm a slow learner) courtesy of a surplus of road bike riding over the last few weeks, and I managed to keep the bars off the trees and the rubber side down (albeit with a few front end "moments") - any day you can do that is a good day.

The atmosphere was excellent and the communication when passing was clear and friendly.

The company was good - thanks sikllama and ahein - and we all lapped consistently at a similar pace. Sikllama's pergola was a very welcome place to sit and hang out between bouts of frenetic activity

It was good to put faces to names (Pyrate, Two Tommos and Dave), as well as catch up with the crew from Taree Tip Riders. Didn't see much of Fatboy, as he was circulating consistently in the solo 4hr despite being deep in the pain cave from the pedally course when we caught up on my third lap.

Looking forward to the next one.

Fatboy's picture

Who would have thought a flat & fast course would be tough? I'm used to seeing about 15km/h as an average speed in this type of event but for the first half was averaging 21.4km/h but as the day got hotter I watched this slip to below 20km/h. The main challenge with such a fast track is you are on it the whole time so no rest/recovery. Legs get cramped and no downhill free wheeling to get your strength back.

I had an added problem in that I had a new chain with only 1 road ride which seemed fine but 500m into the race it slipped on the cassette and dropped off. Replacing it was quick but as there was a line of riders doing over 20km/h in single file I had no room to push back onto the track so waited forever till a gap appeared to jump back onto the track. I kept having recurrence of the problem mainly when I stood up so eventually decided I had to ride the whole event on my bum to keep the chain on which I felt was slower and didn't give my muscles a break from the grind so added to the fatigue.

It was good to catch up with my NoBMob mates and meet some new ones - not the we got much time to chat during the event.

My daughter did a kiddies race and got to stand on the winner podium and collect some prizes which upset her brother when we got home and told him. We left out details like she raced against toddlers with training wheels etc...

Bring on Stromlo!

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