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Oaks Single Track Closed

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By Rob - Posted on 05 September 2016

Just a heads up for those thinking of riding in the Blue Mountains: the Oaks single track has been closed by NPWS due to "...potential asbestos contamination". Doesn't appear to affect the rest of the trail though.

Full quote:

Glenbrook Single Mountain bike track will be closed due to potential asbestos contamination. Riders and walkers will not be permitted on the track during the closure. Woodford Oaks fire trail riders can continue down the Oaks fire trail to exit via Glenbrook. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the NPWS Richmond area office on (02) 4588 2400 or Blue Mountains Heritage Centre on (02) 4787 8877 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Form more details see:

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Did I read a similar thing about Yellowmundee being contaminated by asbestos?

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However its only a risk at this stage until testing is completed.

Nevertheless, Yellowmundee is closed until the results are received.

What a shitfight Sad

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Illegal dumpers or junk from way back?

Is it any more risky than the chance of silicosis from sucking in usual blue Mts sandstone dust?

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Double post

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there is some on the showground single track as well. Heading west under the power lines you turn left at the fence line and then right again on the corner of the fence, what appears to be probably the closest section to Mona Vale Rd. Just before you turn right, so the section heading towards the road, immediately before the corner there is some very suspicious looking fibrous board fragments.

I also pointed out some exposed pipes in the showground adjacent to the RC track to a ranger a few weeks back, I noticed today that they are now covered with hotmix. It is everywhere and will be an ongoing issue for decades to come.

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Anyone have an estimate of how long this will be the case for?

Also, is this the ST in its entirety, or just the new section of it?

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It's re-opened.

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