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Historic Towler's Bay ride

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By Hans - Posted on 30 March 2012

Sunday, 1 April, 2012 - 06:59
3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Centre Track
Ride Database Entry: 
Duck Hole/Terrey Hills Trail
Ride Database Entry: 
Towlers Bay
Meeting Point: 

Terrey Hills shops

Terrey Hills Fire Station, Yulong Avenue, Terrey Hills, New South Wales

Early Sunday morning ride with a couple of mates.

Duckholes > West Head Road > Towlers Bay (all the way to the water) > West Head Road > Centre Track

Awesome ride - approx 30 kms with some decent climbs on the return leg. Track drains well even after rain.

See you there - the more the merrier.

Cheers, Hans
Happiness is a warm shock.

Sarina's painting of Towler's Bay/Morning Bay wharf....
Sarina's painting of Towler's Bay/Morning Bay wharf....

Who's in?
jacojoco, hawkeye, Hans, JMBJMB, Ben Swift
jacojoco hawkeye Hans JMBJMB Ben Swift
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... depends on what another mate is doing.

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Note: daylight saving starts before this ride (7am=8am old time)
See you at 7am new time! Smiling

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If I manage to wake up early enough I'll be there.
It'll be my first ride with you guys so hopefully I can keep up Sticking out tongue.

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It was good to put faces to a few new names. You guys did very well to finish, this was not an easy first group ride. Hopefully we haven't scared you off!

This is the route we covered. As can be seen, there was a little bit of climbing. Eye-wink Click on the View Details link to see more.

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And here's the video...

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hey guys,
had an awesome first ride with the NOBMOB today, was great fun and good to meet new people, will be out with you guys again for sure!

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6:11, :-0, at least nice and gentle.

Glad I'm not the only one........ Smiling

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The profile is locked

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Great day, i picked up a few good tips for next time
1. Don't have a late night before a 7am start mountain biking event.
2. Have breakfast before riding 30+ km or at least carry some food on the trails.
3. Get a sense of direction so you don't end up heading off in the wrong direction after detouring to a lookout.
4. Ride quietly on pedestrian paths just in case.

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I'm blaming the feral mouse. Eye-wink

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Great day out at Towler's Bay!

Historic info on Towler's Bay:

See you at Wednesday's night ride!

Ready for a decent descent....

Morning Bay wharf (Towler's bay)

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As Hawkeye says - was nice to see the face behind the nick.

Was a good ride! Smiling

See you in our next adventure! Smiling


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