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Track Listing

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Name Type Difficulty Vertical Climb/Drop Distance Map
Garden Gully Single Track - Enclosed 0m
309m Garden Gully
Mona Vale Sniggle Single Track - Enclosed Blue 41m
2163m Mona Vale Sniggle
More Mona Vale Sniggle Mixed Blue 15m
865m More Mona Vale Sniggle
Muppet Show Single Track - Enclosed Blue 34m
1647m Muppet Show
Muppets Return Single Track - Enclosed Green 13m
438m Muppets Return
North to Sandy Firetrail 0m
1347m North to Sandy
Ryland - First Left Firetrail 0m
409m Ryland - First Left
Ryland - Second Left Firetrail 0m
828m Ryland - Second Left
Ryland - Steep Right Firetrail 0m
95m Ryland - Steep Right
Ryland Track Firetrail 0m
3467m Ryland Track

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