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Status: Unknown
5 for 9.3km (76%)
1 for 2.9km (24%)
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Lake Woodford's surrounds have recently been opened to riders and walkers, meaning we can now access a bunch more firetrail in the mid mountains. Note: There is no legal access to the dam - no swimming!

Meeting Point: 

Rear carpark of Hazelbrook Shops. The trails are only a short distance away. Also a great place to grab that after ride meal.

Full Description: 

This is a newly opened area, although the trails have been in existence for many years. Lake Woodford used to provide water supplies to the mid mountains, but was decommissioned some years ago. Lobbying by local riders and walkers has resulted in access being granted to all the firetrails surrounding the lake, but there is no access to the dam wall or water - large fines apply, and there are no excuses - LOTS of signs are in place.

The firetrails are typical Blue Mountains rides - sandstone base with loose sand and rocks. Hills can be very steep. My GPS showed the dam at 470m, and the surrounding ridges at over 600m. I descended 130m in one km, and soon faced a similar climb back up a different hill. Lots of waterbars on the descent if you're brave enough. The trails run off local ridges, and mostly descend to the dam or nearby, and you can spend some time exploring and linking trails.

An alternative entry point is Winbourne Avenue in Hazelbrook. This starts near the shops, simply continue to the end of the road and carry on past the gate at the end. Initially undulating with some tough pinches, the firetrail becomes a steep downhill finishing at the dam wall. Continuation along the access road allows the rider to exit to Woodford via a climb that is a bit more modest than the descent Smiling


Hazelbrook shops provide a range of food and supply options. Woodford Post Offfice has limited hours and a very small choice of drinks or snacks. Nearest bike shops are at Springwood or Wentworth Falls.

Facilities/Points of Interest
Hazelbrook Train Station

Hazelbrook Train Station. Cross over the Great Western High and travel to the end of Winbourne rd to find a trail head.

Woodford Train Station

Woodford Train Station, from here you can cross the Pedestrian bridge over the Great Western Highway, Travel west along the Highway roughly 200m and then turn right down Woodford Ave. At the end of Woodford ave is a firetrail.

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