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Quarry Road Track (Berowra Valley)

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Status: Unknown
3 for 11km (100%)
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Bring plenty of water and a few snacks, remember hills are you friends because without climbing them you would not be going downhill.

Be prepared for a hill fest this out and back trail has plenty to offer even if it is only firetrail. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Meeting Point: 

End of Stewart Ave, Hornsby

-33.689591,151.091472 (Stewart Ave, Hornsby)
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Due to increased use of Hornsby Rifle Range by Police and other pointy-stick people during weekdays, please take note of the signs erected by NPWS for our safety. The range is also very busy on weekends, but they don't start until 9am and finish around 4.30pm.

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This ride is not for the shy, the hills are a plenty. Great training ride for fitness as you essentially start at a nice quiet unassuming street and end up racing down steep firetrail with waterbars to boot. Beware of the blind corners though you can end up in the bush if you hit some of them too quickly.

After a nice fast downhill you get to a beautiful old bridge which you cross and begin the first climb of the ride. Climb, climb and climb some more and you'll end up at what you think is the top.....ahhh no. When you hit the campground and take the left road up again on paved/concreted area until you eventually get to the top. There is one more climb after this but its not significant. If you turn right at the campground it'll take you 1.5km to a short loop and then back.

Once at the top, you will come to another junction with a singletrack on your right (which is rocked off to vehicles). This continues for 1km or so until it ends on a rockface overlooking the valley. If you go straight, keep following the firetrail until you come to a obelisk (this is Pogson Trig); follow the trail straight on and you will end up at trails end in a few minutes. This is Quarry Road, Dural.

If you choose to follow the left trail at the obelisk you'll end up on a nice downhill but be warned you probably WILL need to walk back a fair portion of the trail! The trail ends up at the fishponds in West Hornsby.

Should you choose to go to the end of the Quarry Road Track, turn around and come back. The downhill on this side that you just rode up is very quick and long....again be careful on some of the corners the fireroad is loose gravel in some parts. When you hit the bridge, it's back up the other side not quite as quickly as you came down!

If your lucky enough on this ride you may at times see rock wallabies, black cockatoos and plenty of lizards that populate the area....if you ride at night you'll no doubt hear the hoot of the powerful owl if your lucky....have not done it at night yet but I guess that's another story.

If the Quarry Road Track isn't enough, if you head to the next street north (Clarinda St), you will find another 5 or so km of firetrail which you can link on.

This is a good ride to duo with Old Man's Valley (which can either be a warm up or a warm down), which is 1km away from the Stewart Ave Trackhead.


There's a long drop dry toilet at the campsite. The trail is signposted.

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