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Track Listing

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Name Type Difficulty Vertical Climb/Drop Distance Map
Border Rd Other Green 1m
997m Border Rd
Canal Bridge Other Green 0m
108m Canal Bridge
Connection Single Track - Exposed Green 7m
138m Connection
Cotswold Rd Other Green 46m
942m Cotswold Rd
Cyclepath Other Green 40m
3290m Cyclepath
Driveway Firetrail Green 31m
322m Driveway
Equestrian Boundary Firetrail Green 50m
700m Equestrian Boundary
Equestrian South Boundary Firetrail Green 9m
252m Equestrian South Boundary
Firetrail Firetrail Green 2m
307m Firetrail
Firetrail Firetrail Blue 0m
459m Firetrail
Firetrail Firetrail Green 0m
309m Firetrail
Firetrail Firetrail Green 0m
289m Firetrail
Firetrail Firetrail Green 16m
678m Firetrail
Firetrail Link Firetrail Green 21m
224m Firetrail Link
Ginger Meggs Run Firetrail Green 17m
1166m Ginger Meggs Run
Link Firetrail Firetrail Green 0m
325m Link Firetrail
Link to M7 Cyclepath Other Green 14m
866m Link to M7 Cyclepath
Lizard-Dairy Cyclepath Other Green 1m
1184m Lizard-Dairy Cyclepath
Northern Boundary Trail Firetrail Green 66m
1751m Northern Boundary Trail
Redundant Stairs Other Black Diamond 0m
93m Redundant Stairs
Southdown Rd Other Green 26m
1632m Southdown Rd
Spiral Single Track - Exposed Green 11m
439m Spiral
Sugarloaf Ridge Other Green 0m
416m Sugarloaf Ridge
Trail Single Track - Enclosed Blue 12m
491m Trail
Zig-Zag Single Track - Exposed Green 18m
497m Zig-Zag

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